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The winner!


Winner, by Eighty Acres Art on Etsy

I have chosen a winner! Well, that weird Rafflecopter robot has, I guess is a more accurate statement!

Things have been sort of quiet on this here blog lately – the natural consequence of it being the week before we move. You know, last-minute packing, last-minute chaos, last-minute huge Life Decisions, last minute trying to teach your daughter to say “Papa” when she sees him on Sunday- the usual suspects.

In the midst of all of that chaos I went with a friend to take watch Inside Llewyn Davis, which I really recommend for anyone who needs to feel good about their habit of gypsying around with no definite plan, because at least I am not a chronic couch surfer rolling around Manhattan with an orange cat that doesn’t belong to me! Ha!

But I also can’t sing, so come to think of it I’m not sure who came out ahead on that one. I have thoughts about that movie, but no time to wrangle them, so it’ll have to wait.

SO! Sorry-the winner is…. *folksy drumroll*…. Meg Dereseti! Come on down!

Congratulations Meg! And guys, she so deserves this win because she was a trooper and tried my shampoo/conditioner when I first posted it a while back, and one day she went into work with her hair still a bit wet and was mocked for smelling like ACV – oh the trials and tribulations of wanna-be hippies like us! Try the lemon juice, Meg, and I hope that this book makes up for the emotional suffering you have undergone because of my crazy suggestions.

Please contact me at info(at)sweetmadeleine(dot)ca with your mailing address, and I will pass it on to my publishers, who will ship a book to you!

Aaaand now some Llyewn Davis music for play us out on this dreary Friday.

(p.s. he’s a fictional character. I feel the need to say that because my friend and I both left the theatre fulling intending to dig into his life story and purchase his music and-oops. He doesn’t exist in our world. I felt crushed, and sort of foolish. But his music is still perfect for me right now.)

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  • Reply Tenea March 24, 2017 at 3:14 AM

    Hey Madeline! I know you posted this ages ago but I only recently finished your book from my local library so it’s new to me! Loved your book, a great paring of healthy living and also environmentalism. Anyway thought I’d let you know that Llewyn Davis is loosely based off a folk singer from the 50-60’s called Dave Van Ronk. My husband is a real traditional folky and watches this movie about once a month! Seriously, the guy turns 21 in a few months but is actually a secret 55 year old.
    I’m really enjoying your posts and have even started doing the ACV hair wash. You’re great

    • Reply Madeleine Somerville March 24, 2017 at 9:48 AM

      Tenea! Thank you so much for this comment, it made my chaotic Friday a bit better!
      I’m so glad you liked my book, and THANK YOU on the music tip! I will dig into some Dave Van Ronk and use it as my packing soundtrack for these next few days as I move again! 😉

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