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I…I just don’t know anymore

Clearly I have a problem.

This keeps happening and I don’t know how, or even how to stop, but also everyone around me keeps enabling it to continue so am I really to blame here?!


It started innocently enough. Adam’s sister gave Olive a lacy onesie that happened to bear a remarkable resemblance to a lacy shirt that I love. Sooo I mean what’s a lady to do?

This, obviously:



In my defense I think it’s important to add that initially Adam was in favour of these shenanigans, and he even willingly participated with navy waffle knit tops and grey pants,



SEE? It wasn’t just me!


Things progressed significantly further with the advent of the matching blue floral romper situation, seen here:


And all of this time, I just thought these were cute little one-offs. We never EVER emerged out into the public eye looking like this. It was all a lark! A joke! Hahahaha! Haha!

Little did I know.

Internets, I have gone too far. I am about to show you, with far less shame than I should be feeling, my almost-thirty year old self, and my one year old daughter, dressed in a near-identical outfits.

Okay. But before I do, I would like you to know that take full responsibility for this outfits’ inception.

Two weeks ago I spotted a children’s green parka that looked remarkably like mine and I couldn’t resist. “Is it ridiculous?” I asked my mom, “or AWESOME?”

She replied that it was awesome (ENABLER!) and so the parka was procured and the first part of this abomination was unleashed into the world.

Then, stage II. My mom gave me a sweet chunky cream sweater. “How delightful!” I thought to myself. And that was that.

Until we arrived in Calgary and my little sister gave Livvie two gifts. One was an incredible homemade blanket, aaaand the other was the exact same creamy sweater. In toddler size. (LIZZIE! ENABLER NUMBER TWO!)

As Olive sat there eating the tissue paper it had been wrapped in (Fibre! Free range! Gluten free!) I just couldn’t stop laughing. I truly believe that this tiny sweater was essentially The Universe telling me that It wanted us to wear mother-daughter samesies outfits. And I was all, “Okay! I mean if we have to or whatever.”

So here, Internets, feast your eyes on this noise:



I’m not even going to tell you about how five minutes after this photo was taken I found myself hovering over a pair of ADULT size Padraig slippers


(Even though the existence if that onepair of grey and white slippers at a Farmers Market booth was clearlyThe Universe’s doing because the ONLY thing different about our outfits was the shoes and this discrepancy obviously displeased It immensely.)

Help. I can’t stop and what’s more, I don’t think I would even if I could.

Future teenaged Olive, I am so SO sorry.

(But seriously aren’t we adorable?)

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  • Reply A Bit of Bitter Butter October 19, 2013 at 4:31 PM

    You make matchy-matchy outfits look cool. I’m kind of envious.

    • Reply A Bit of Bitter Butter October 19, 2013 at 4:33 PM

      Crap, I had deja vu and realized I said something really similar on your romper post. No! Recycling my own material! The sentiment was fresh, though, it’s just that I have a goldfish memory.

      • Reply sweetmadeleine October 19, 2013 at 4:50 PM

        Look, I will listen to you tell me that our matchy-matchy outfits are cool ALL DAY LONG.

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  • Reply The big birthday - Sweet Madeleine October 9, 2015 at 12:47 PM

    […] I set it all up the night before, and on Sunday morning she walked out and saw it, and she was so, so excited. Our whole family got together and contributed to this project – I made the thing (all by myself!), my mom added utensils and little secondhand pots and pans, my sister Lizzie crocheted the most amazing  fruits and vegetables for her to play with, and my mother-in-law made tiny oven mitts, tea towels and-  the best thing ever, matching aprons for Olive and I! (Enablers! I’m surrounded by enablers!) […]

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