We are here! Here on the shores of Pigeon Lake, Ontario where I spent every summer growing up.

Olive has finally met her Great-Granddaddy and he’s given her a little stuffed tiger from his alma mater, Princeton, and they both seem quite pleased with the whole thing.

She has been down to the dock and we’ve measured her on the wall that we were all measured on as kids- the progression of Maddies (22 months old and 4 years old and 7 years old and onwards until 21) stretching up up up over her dandelion hair. She’s almost as tall as my brother Liam was at 14 months, my girl is going to be a beautiful amazon.


My grandma is not here. It is so painfully clear that she is no longer here, although it’s impossible not to see her in the untouched bottle of gin in the liquor cabinet, the porcelain cow gravy boat, the hairbrushes on the bathroom counter still entwined with silver hair.

Posting might be light for a bit as I just have my phone, and this tap-tap-tapping gets a little old. Pictures though, no shortage of those.


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