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1. Why do women in Canada not get Hanes/Fruit of the Loom/Whatever 5-packs of shirts? Men get these sweet bag o’ shirts, and us ladies have to buy them each individually like chumps.

Adding insult to injury, google informs me that ladies in Amurca get the 5-packs. I am inordinately ragey about this because I had BIG PLANS which i will elaborate upon at a later date, when I’m not phone blogging with one arm trapped under a sweaty baby. Suffice it yo say that this sexist no 5-pack debacle is just ruining everything.

2. On a related note, pray tell, what is your favourite white v neck tee? Who makes it? Where is it purchased? How much does it cost? Does it, perchance, come in a 5-pack? Etc.

3. Tomorrow Olive goes to her first protest, I mean, where’s the spot in her baby book for that?.

One of my little sisters is involved with a movement against a proposed pipeline project, and is in mid-production on a documentary about the same. She has organized a protest tomorrow and damn its been a while since I protested anything, so Livvie and I are going to Ergo up and get our civil disobedience on. Don’t worry, this is Canada so it’ll be a civilized sort of affair with tea and scones as well as signs and petitions.

It’s just how we do, eh?

(P.S. What does one wear to a protest these days??)

4. Livvie (I am trying to make Olive’s nickname stuck with limited success), Livvie and I are sharing a bed at my moms, because although her floating house sleeps 6, there really isn’t any spare floor space in her 428 sq feet to set up a playpen.

My confession is I totally love snuggling to sleep with this child. I sleep like crap and she is a terrible bed hog, and this is one of those things that pre-baby I swore I would never do, but now I do it and love it and I realize that the pre-baby me was a fool- a damn fool.

I mean who doesn’t want to sleep with a baby?!

(Adam. The answer, friends is Adam. So I will enjoy these last few days of sleepovers with Livvie while I can)

Dreaming of 5-packs,


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