Oh, hi!

Adapt and Keep Moving, by PixieCampbell on Etsy

So…here we are! In our new home! Welcome!

Isn’t it precious?

Everything is all shiny and new, with integrated, easy-to-access comments (just click that little word bubble to the top right of each post), and a format so easy to work with that it makes me want to cry thinking about all of the millions (yes literally [okay, not literally] millions) of hours I have spent mashing my face into the keyboard trying to get some things to work back at tumblr. And I mean, simple things! Easy things! Things thst would make your reading experience ten times smoother- things like being able to display comment counts, or adding a “Most Popular Posts” app in the sidebar.

I mean I have been trying to do those things for literally (really literally this time), years.

And then today, after I finally decided to pull the trigger on this site migration it took all of two seconds to do both of those things, plus eight other things, too. And one of those two seconds was spent shrieking “THANKS GOD!” and jumping up and down with happiness.

Other good parts include the fact that I was able to import all of my old posts into this shiny new site. So all of your favorites are there (shitting too close to the cupcakes, the sex attic, me eight-and-a-half months pregnant trying to run from rats…all of them), and they’re all living in an archive that’s handily sorted by month instead of a weird, difficult to navigate picture grid.

Oh! OH! And guys! We have a search bar THAT ACTUALLY SEARCHES!

Seriously, go ahead. Type anything in there. I’ll wait. It will bring up any time I have ever used a word in any post EVER, which is honestly so beautiful it’s like I birthed Olive all over again. (Just please promise me that you will not search swears. I did, and it is thoroughly embarassing how many pages of results turned up. I am trying to cut down on swearing, because I am aware that it makes me seem like a shitty writer when I rely on profanity rather than taking the time to search for an adequate adjective) (What the what? How did that ‘shitty’ sneak in there?)

On the negative side, tumblr, or the absence thereof.

All of you tumblr folk have to put a little more effort into reading about my latest exploits because I won’t be turning up in your dash anymore. I know. i hate that part, too.

You can bookmark my site at www.SweetMadeleine.ca, or click that little button on the sidebar to receive email notifications any time I post something new. So, I mean, I will be missing from tumblr but I am also hand delivering shenanigans straight to your email! How sweet is that?

Just go ahead and file that under ‘Other Things I Did Not Have To Spend Five Hours Figuring Out How To Do I Just Clicked A Button And Holysh-Oops, I Mean VOILA’

So this, this rambling, incoherent jumble is the inagural post at our new home. It’s kind of fitting, no?

This post is me movin’ on up to better things, hoping that you’ll come running after me. This post is me hoping that you’ll make the move with me, and me hoping that even though I don’t live in your neighbourhood anymore, you’ll still pop in every now and again to say hi. Because really, how else would you know what strange ingredients I’m not eating anymore? Or what fresh hell Gus has defiled our home with lately? Or how Olive is doing in her plan to rob me of both my sleep and my sanity?

Could you ever live with yourself if these questions went unanswered?

(Yes. I mean, obviously, right? But come with me anyway?)

Finally, this is me standing on the spacious front porch of our new home, throwing my arms wide at my doorstep with boxes cluttering the hallways behind me, and saying “Oh, hi! Come on in- please excuse the mess, I’m so glad you came.”

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  • Reply An Easyworld June 20, 2013 at 7:17 PM

    Book marked. I’ll miss you on the dash though x

    • Reply sweetmadeleine June 20, 2013 at 1:50 PM

      Aw thank you! I wish there was a best-of-both-worlds scenario, but I am excited to do less face-mashing in the future 🙂

  • Reply Supernatural Catsup June 20, 2013 at 2:58 PM

    Oh no! Honestly, this makes me kind of sad. I know that’s dorky and it’s actually not too hard to just switch between sites, but I get nostalgic over weird things. Anyway, your new blog looks really nice and fancy, and I’ll be sure to come over from tumblr and comment frequently.

    • Reply sweetmadeleine June 20, 2013 at 4:16 PM

      Oh I’m sad, too. It’s like switching schools, or moving out of province or something. Everyone promising to stay in touch, but it’s inevitable that you’ll lose people. I’ve added all of my old tumblr blogs to my reader though, so I’ll be keeping up to date on Miles’s latest exploits 🙂

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