Here I was one crazy Saturday night, doing how I do. Messin’ around with the html of my internet blog LIKE A BOSS.

And then, um, here we are. With a different look and all of the growing pains that come along with it. LIke no comments? And no notes? And worst of all I can’t figure out how to change that creepy-as-all-hell picture of me, either.

(It’s a selfie. Let’s just go ahead and admit that right now. It’s a selfie and more than that, it’s the WORST kind of selfie. The one that’s like “Here I am, just sitting here, looking off into the distance, contemplating something sombering yet still hopeful and OH! Oh my god! I was so distracted by all of that sombre contemplation that I didn’t even realize that someone took this flattering picture and then ran it through a few gritty filters! Ha! How strange.”.

Okay? I’ve admitted it. I’m sorry. Let’s move on.)

[edit: I changed it! INTERNET GENIUS right here]

So, in light of these rather unanticipated and spur of the moment events (but I mean not totally surprising, right? I told y’all I can get WILD sometimes try and keep up okay?), please bear with me as I get my shit together and pretend to know anything about anything on the Internet.

Countdown until my computer geek brother texts me in 3…2…1…

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