I am telling you about this because I love you

Hey! What’s more boring than hearing people talk about their dreams? Why, hearing them talk about the strange, self-imposed food restrictions they’ve recently adopted, of course!

So…shall we begin?

I am heading into week three of being dairy/gluten/soy/sugarfree. It has been ten times, nay, one HUNDRED times easier than I thought it would be.

I thought cheese would be the issue. I have lived/breathed/eaten/dreamt about cheese my entire life. I choose meals in restaurants based on how much and what kind of cheese they contained. But aside from the occasional craving for a big chunk of salty feta, it’s been a total non-issue.

Adam and I both agree that we feel lighter somehow, not in terms of pounds, but mentally. Clearer, perhaps? It might also be placebo. Probably placebo. BUT, placebo or not, I have something amazing and delicious to share with you.

I have been making my own ice cream and it is UH-MAYZ-ING.

This is what you do. Blend one can of organic coconut milk with some cocoa/cacao and a banana (start with 1/4 cup of cacao/cocoa and go from there, adding to taste). Put it into the freezer, and once frozen, consume embarrassing quantities all at once and never, ever tell your husband about its existence.

(What ice cream, Adam? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Go back to your weird 80’s movie marathon.)

If you are even wilder, once you have made the ice cream, make a MILKSHAKE out of the ice cream by blending it with a frozen banana and almond milk. OH MY GOD.

Don’t worry about the fat content. Fat is good for you. Also don’t worry that this entire two weeks (and the two and a half months ahead of me) has consisted of only ice cream and milkshakes. That is only partially true.

(It is entirely true.)

I would have added a picture of the milkshake, or the ice cream, but I ate it too fast and didn’t want there to be evidence for Adam to find.

(Seriously Adam, WHAT ICE CREAM? Dude is crazy)

You can also make a nice frozen yogurt style deal by blending frozen bananas and frozen berries, and that is equally delicious and totally cool to eat for breakfast because it’s just FRUIT!

I have been making other things, I swear. Things without cocoa or coconut milk. Yummy stir fry’s, and jalapeno lime vegetable slaw, and egg salad romaine wraps, and pad thai, and lots of homemade guacamole and salsa and hummus and veggies. It’s been a delight!

Thus concludes the tour into Madeleine & Adam’s gastronomical adventures!

You’re welcome/I’m sorry.

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