hi madeleine! I was just wondering how/when you found out you were pregnant and what symptoms did you have? did any symptoms stick out to you right away? thanks!!

Well, due to my kidney condition we knew for a while that any baby created from this unholy union of ours would have to be planned.

I needed to have time to stop taking one of my medications for at least six weeks prior (although I stopped three months prior, just to be sure, as one of the possible complications was hermaphroditism which…I mean…we wanted to take every precaution we could to prevent.)

So. By the time baby-making time rolled around we were prepared, and I was in full-on “Am I pregnant? Am I pregnant?” mode like the entire first month.

Things that made me think I was pregnant:

  • My back ached
  • I could feel my uterus
  • I just knew
  • I had weird twingey cramps
  • I got a headache
  • I was more tired than normal
  • I felt emotional
  • My boobs felt heavier

But HA! Jokes on you! (and me!) I wasn’t pregnant! Not even a little. 

I felt all of these things in the very first month we were trying, and there was no ball of cells rapidly dividing anywhere even remotely close to my uterus.

All of those “symptoms” were just the result of me being a crazy (hopefully) pregnant person doing some serious symptom spotting and paying attention to every twinge and pulse and itch in/on my body in a way that I never had before. 

When I was actually pregnant (I think in month three?), I found out right at 4 weeks (I tested the day before my period) but I don’t remember having any symptoms until morning sickness reared its ugly head at 6 weeks.

You can read a bit more in my 4-8 week pregnancy post. I hope I answered your question!

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