Adam scrolling through my Tumblr feed

Adam: (looking at an image set) How does she do that? Madeleine! Come see this! How does she clench her butt like that? Is that Pilates?
Me: No, it’s Photoshop.
Adam: What?!
Me: Yeah, it’s showing the before/after, untouched photos of celebrities and then the same photo, retouched
Adam: That’s crazy! Look at that!
Me: You have junk in your teeth
Adam: *waving me off* Yeah yeah I know. it’s for you. What’s this that Liam posted?
Me: There’s a handy caption under the picture that will tell you just that!
Adam: bah. (keeps scrolling). Ooh, Windows RED? I do believe that Windows has a new operating system! (goes to click on a link) DAMMIT! A slideshow!
Me: You thought it was a video, didn’t you?
Adam: Yes.
Me: Are you still going to read about Windows Red?
Adam: No. TUMBL! SAVE ME! (he calls Tumblr , tumbl. I can not break him of this. He also calls Mila Kunis, Mila Kuntis and pronounces the NONEXISTENT ‘x’ in espresso. Which…I mean…there’s a lot to say about this)

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