Is using the homemade baking soda based toothpaste all right for the teeth/gums/enamel etc?

Yes! Totally!

I know baking soda seems really abrasive, and I actually had the same worries as you do, and stopped using my homemade toothpaste for a while. Then while doing research for the book I happened across a scale that is used to rate the abrasiveness of dental products. 

It runs from 0-200 (0 being least abrasive, 200 being most). Baking soda clocks in at a measly 7, while the closest store-bought toothpaste rates a 35! So, baking soda toothpaste? Definitely safe.

BOOM. Hippies for the win.

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  • Reply Natural Skin and Body Care 101 - Sweet Madeleine November 21, 2016 at 3:24 PM

    […] Also, if you’re worried about the abrasiveness of baking soda, don’t be. What you’re using now is probably tougher on your teeth – read why here! […]

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