Adventure #3: The Farmer’s Market

Adam was an unwilling adventurer for this one and we practically had to drag him. He gets bored with the market being the same every week, and honestly I can’t say I blame him. This early in the growing season there really isn’t much – some plants, lots of crafts, eggs, deliciously frothy goats milk soap.

I don’t go for the shopping though, I’m a total romantic, I have such a sweet spot for Farmer’s Markets and I find myself falling in love with them and their overinflated prices and sparse offerings almost in spite of myself.

I just love the sense of community and idealism, the unspoken feeling that we can change the world with these $6 free range eggs! Take these pictures of our chickens happily pecking in a sunlit field as proof!

Olive loved the people watching, as I always do, too – a pastime leftover from my own days behind a market booth alongside the teens I used to work with, selling our overpriced, meagre produce.

We bumped into old high school friends of Adam’s, rode the train, Olive had her breath taken away by a swing hanging from two suspiciously threadbare ropes.

It was bliss. It was simple, sunny, hopeful charm. I liked Adventure #3.

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