My family has developed this strange habit of surprising each other with our presence. 

I don’t know when it started, but the way it works is that one of us will be going to a family get together, hanging out at home, or just going about our daily business whenBOOM! SURPRISE SIBLING!

The best one so far (for me, anyway) was when my sister made an unnanounced visit for my baby shower.. (turn down your speakers y’all…there is much screaming and shrieking of “OHMYGOD!OHMYGOD!”)

(EDIT: I can’t upload due to privacy settings on the video…but I’ll work on it. Just know that I was huge, and yelly, and excited.)

(Oh man, I miss that belly. Have I mentioned that before? I MISS IT)

It’s even more fun to surprise people now that Olive is in the mix, because showing up just me is alright, but showing up with Madame ChubbyCheeks is just beyond.

That is what I did yesterday. I was super sad that my mom had gone so long without seeing Olive (book writing, and vehicles, and finances, and time always seem to get in the way), and although I couldn’t make it in time for Mother’s Day, I did managed to hitch a ride with my brother in law, stuffing strollers and high chairs and suitcases into his minivan and hightailing it to Victoria to surprise her.

We arrived at her floating house around 2:30, I ate a delicious burrito, Olive and I napped, and at 5pm my mom got home from work. There was a gift on her kitchen table (a copy of the Olive’s Birth Day book I just finished making) and a sleeping baby in her guest room. She was so excited, and Olive was too, except she showed it by wailing because she was startled awake by all of the happy celebrating – oops! Sorry, Olive.

Anyway, it was lovely, it has been lovely lunching and shopping and spending time with my mom and Mawney, Tomorrow we all go back home for a May long weekend visit. 

I am also starting a social media cleanse tomorrow that will spill into an iPhone cleanse that I have been dreading/putting off pretty much forever. Oh lord, I so do not want to do this, but I must I MUST. Shit is getting ridiculous. 

I’ll elaborate more later. For now, sleeeeep.

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