I have Gitelman’s too! How old were you when you were diagnosed? I was eight years old. Do you have any advice on how to live normally because with high school and all my other issues I’m having a very hard time. I hope you’re doing well!

Aw, diagnosed at eight? That’s rough. I was diagnosed at 23. I’m sorry you have Gitelmans, but glad you found me!

In my experience, the symptoms and management of this kidney disease vary widely, so my first advice would be to get yourself a good Nephrologist and work with him or her to properly manage your condition.

Other things I have found to help:

– Avoid drinking, which can deplete your magnesium really quickly and cause tetany/hospitalization (in my case, anyway). This might be tough because you’re in high school and damn, sometimes that’s easier said than done. Try to be smart though, and if you know you’ll be drinking, make sure someone knows your condition and/or get a MedicAlert bracelet, mix your drinks with gatorade or powerade to replenish electrolytes, and consider beefing up your medication a few days beforehand if your Nephrologist allows you to adjust your dosages as needed.

– Excessive exercise, heat, or sweating can also deplete your electrolytes

– Avoid coffee and black licorice

– Epsom salts are made from Magnesium Sulfate, so pouring a cup or two into a bath is a great way to absorb some extra mag

-Get regular blood tests to stay on top of things

– Research, understand and remember that low magnesium fucks with your head. When you start feeling depressed, unmotivated, overwhelmed, OCD, of lethargic, this is low Magnesium talking.

-Start breastfeeding something so that your Gitelman’s will be temporarily cured, CURED!

-(kidding. obviously)


That’s all I can think of at the moment. I wish you the best in managing your condition!

Send me an email at info (at) sweetmadeleine (dot) ca, I have some more info to pass on 🙂


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