How’s that sugar cleanse going?

I did a two week sugar cleanse right before my book deadline, because life was getting out of control, and what better time to go through sugar withdrawal than when you’re stressed and not sleeping and pulling your hair out in handfuls?!

PLANNING! How does it work?

It went well, but I have always been good at making changes within a finite time period. Enacting long-term lifestyle changes however, now that’s another story.

I do think it has to be done though, because I honestly can’t believe what a sweet tooth I’ve had since Olive was born. And I will be the first to tell you about sugar being the white devil – there are seriously no redeeming qualities, I plan on being a crazy mom limiting the amount of sugar in Olive’s diet, so the way I am eating could not be further from me belief systems if I were sitting down to a nice veal dinner every night.

So, thank you for asking. Now I have shamed myself in front of the Internets and will solemnly vow to reduce and/or eliminate the sweet demon from my life forever.

People who know me in real life: You hereby have my permission to mock, berate and/or pelt me with sugar cubes if you see me indulging my sweet tooth in an extreme and/or ridiculous way.


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