Hey! It’s Sara from A New Lowe. I’m SO sorry I haven’t been in touch. I deleted my blog impulsively because I was stressed out and it seemed logical (somehow?!) at the time. Then I was like, “Wow, that was embarrassing,” and felt weird about getting in touch. The longer I waited, the weirder it seemed. But I guess this is a good time. Miles and I are doing OK and I want to return to tumblr and follow all of you again soon! Though I get it if you’re like, “Pfft, weirdo, you had your chance.”

She lives! Huzzah! So glad to hear from you, and currently feeling ridiculous for thinking that the only thing that could possibly stop someone from blogging is sudden death/disappearance/horrific circumstances. 

Because, I mean clearly, right?

Sigh. Anyways, awesome that you are back, or will be back. And now I can stop being a creepy creep!

(I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to publish this or not, but I can’t answer anonymous questions privately.)

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