Favourite adult beverage?

I’ve been out of that scene for a while, between kidney issues and pregnancy and breastfeeding, but if I WERE to sit down and drink an adult beverage with adult friends, these would be my top five picks:

  1. A Long Island Iced Tea. Made right, this is the best thing ever.
  2. A Mojito. Only on slow, lazy summer days on a porch or patio.
  3. A Caesar. Preferably with a garnish of eleven olives.
  4. Vodka, water, lime. My go-to bar drink. Simple, effective, and hydrates while getting the job done.
  5. I lied, I can only think of four.

I wish I could add beer or wine to the list, but I’ve never been able to develop the taste for them, although lord knows I’ve tried.

Great. Now I want a Mojito. 

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