Adventuring We Will Go

I’ve been getting a bit itchy lately, impatient to get things settled and sorted, and as a result I’ve found myself bemoaning a situation that is actually pretty sweet.

Here we are, getting to spend all day with each other and the smiliest baby we’ve ever seen. It’s summer, the ocean is at our doorstep, we have two of the best roommates you could ask for (coughAdam’sparentscough) and they just so happen to be incredible chefs, too.

Seriously, what’s my problem?

I’m going to try and make the most of this time while we have it. I’m going to try and separate our days a bit – the mornings for helping Adam job search and doing chores, the afternoons for heading out on adventures. I’ll try and remember to take pictures, too!

We started this adventuring the other day by driving out to a town about 45 minutes away, literally the end of the road. We walked around the marina, treated ourselves to an obscenely good cinnamon bun, and ate at a restaurant looking over the ocean.

When we pulled up to the restaurant it looked closed, but the chef/owner happened to be walking by, and invited us in anyway.

“Go take a seat on the patio,” he said with a huge grin, “I’ll make you something.”

It was just amazing. We know how hard you work when you have your own business, and how little time off you have, too. We were so incredulous that this guy would be so kind and sweet- you best believe he got the biggest tip we could afford, and our solemn oath that we will be bringing family and friends back there (during open hours!) for. ever.

Anyway, we hereby informally begin the Summer of Love Adventure! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t secretly hoping that it turns into the Summer of Getting An Awesome Job and Buying A House To Call Our Own, but nevermind.

Adventure, here we come!

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