You mentioned in the question about your makeup that you darker your eyebrows. What kind of product do you use?

I feel a little bad answering this, because you probably won’t be able to afford it. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but my tastes are pretty refined.

It’s a brow kit from an upscale boutique brand called “NYC”, available exclusively at probably every shabby drugstore out there, and retails for a shocking $4. I know, I KNOW! What can I say, mama likes nice things.

(How do we feel about me referring to myself in the third person as “Mama”? I don’t think I’m a fan. Mama offers her sincere apologies and promises not to do it again)

Brow powder can be found here – (I’m on my phone so I can’t link it) http://newyorkcolor.com/products/eyes/brows/browser-brush-brow-kit

My brow routine goes thusly: first I brush my eyebrow hairs with an old toothbrush, and sometimes I trim them because I think I have weirdly long eyebrows and if left unkempt I would look like one of those old men…you know the ones.

Then I jab the brow brush into the powder and use short strokes to lightly darken my brows- no fancy shading or enhancing, just filling in the gaps a bit. Then I stand back and check out my handiwork, if I look like Lily Collins or like I’ve used a Sharpie I might dial it back a bit, but that’s pretty much it.

I like strong eyebrows, I was never a fan of the pencil thin ones and am glad thick brows have made a comeback.

That’s all.

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