What are your makeup essentials?

Well, I’m not sure if you are asking for specific brands or just essential products in general, so I will answer the latter because I have no allegiance to a particular cosmetics brand-that’s right, free agent right here.

My essentials so that I don’t look like the haggard, sleep-deprived 29 year old that I am?

#1 is definitely mascara. Maybe #2, too. Seriously the times in my adult life that I have been out of my house sans mascara can be counted on two hands, and most were punctuated by people asking me why I looked so tired/sick/pale/horrible in general.

So, mascara is essential. Everything else, meh. I use coverup as needed to attempt to disguise disfiguring blemishes as they appear, sometimes use a bit if foundation, blush or eyeliner if I’m feeling fancy.

I also started darkening my eyebrows after my sister Lizzie did while doing my wedding makeup and now I’m addicted. I’m heavy handed with brow powder though, and am always stressed I’ll end up with Uncle Leo eyebrows.

So basically my eye area usually looks halfway decent and it all goes to hell from there!

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