I’ve been scouring through your tumblr trying to find that post you wrote about finally being able to see your ‘lady business’, I even typed it in the search bar (after I found your word ‘lady business’ in another post because I couldn’t remember what you called it!) but ANYWAY I give up, despite being highly entertained whilst searching so I just wanted to ask, did your stomach flatten out that fast?! I can still hardly see my lady business and it’s already 6 weeks..

I did some scrounging of my own and found the post you were talking about here (sorry, the site’s search function works like balls – it only searches the tags of posts. and for some weird reason I didn’t tag that post “Lady Business”. I know.)

Your question actually made me remember that at one point I had planned to write a post about what the hell your body looks like after having a baby, and I even took some photos when Olive was three weeks old, intending to add them to the end of my pregnancy photos but, um, they ended up looking like this.


I didn’t want the Internets to be like, “Madeleine! Why are you trying to squish your baby into a ball and push her back through your bellybutton into Fetusdom again?!” so yeah, that post never happened. But because those pictures did, I can show you this:


Ah yes, three weeks postpartum. Squinty-tired eyes, greasy topknot and gigundor boobs (oh my LORD, I do not miss those boobs. Not one bit.).

So, things weren’t flat by any means, but they had flattened some, and yes, lady-business visibility had been restored. 

The important thing to realize here is that we are all special, yuneek snowflakes that grow and change and shrink in different ways. Some bounce back the day after pregnancy, some look six months pregnant for a few weeks after (*raises hand*), and some carry a bit of extra weight as a little baby souvenir. (Gee, thanks baby!)

These days I am back to pre-pregnancy weight, and incredibly, things look pretty much the same (seriously, INCREDIBLY. How on earth does this happen? Forget building a tiny human being inside of me, where all of that skin went, that’s the REAL miracle.)

The one thing that has changed is my belly button. it is weirdly large. It used to be the size of a dime, and now it’s maybe a quarter, or a loonie (sorry non-Canadians, this point of reference won’t mean anything to you, but it’s all I’ve got. Just imagine a big bellybutton. Like, not HUGE, or gross or anything, but just…bigger.)

Um, I think that was a huge tangent. the tl;dr is as follows: No my stomach didn’t flatten out super quickly, but I could peer over things and see lady-business at 3 weeks. I think things didn’t feel back to normal until 6-8 weeks.

But don’t feel badly that yours hasn’t, ( IF yours hasn’t…I don’t know your life). Use that baby as a shield for your muffin top, you’ve earned that much.

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