My son peed on the bus once. The bus driver didn’t care, by the way. I guess people do this often? Anyways, do you have any embarrassing parenting stories/child related mortification stories? You have only got a sweet and tiny baby at this moment so maybe not. Maybe my kid is the only one metaphorically peeing on the bus?

Laughing at loud at your son – just when you thought the bus couldn’t get any worse! 

You are correct, at the moment I have not been mortified by Olive. I am sure that is yet to come. I have been most embarrassed, in my lengthy 6 month tenure as a parent, by my own mistakes. Like the time I forgot to bring enough diapers during a trip and had to pick the wet one out of the garbage and put it back on to go buy new ones 🙁

Or the time we were out for a goodbye dinner and everyone was passing Olive around and everything was fantastic and then I just spontaneously started leaking through my shirt and thank god for scarves.

Or when Adam was showing his sister pictures of Olive’s birth, and up popped a close-up shot of my c-section scar (right in the middle of all my lady business) that he had taken to get me to look at it because I was too terrified to see the carnage myself initially.

Those are all I can think of right now, but I vow that the first time I am humiliated by this child, y’all will be the first to know.

Sorry for the overload of Q&A’s, I had a backlog and I’m procrastinating taking a break from writing. 

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