Are you still addicted to lip balm?

I kicked that habit’s ASS back in this post, here. The trick is a unfortunately a very un-natural thing: vaseline.

You see, most lip balms contain camphor or menthol or other things that actually dry your lips out more, necessitating the application and reapplication and REAPPLICATION EVERY FIVE MINUTES ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Bastards.

So you have to go cold turkey, and switch to something like coconut oil or olive oil, but I found that really hard to tote around – olive oil is a liquid and coconut oil has a bad habit of turning to a liquid at the most inopportune moments, so I switched to vaseline, which I use once or twice a day at the most and even sometimes go a few days between applications.

That would have been unHEARD of back in the day. A few years ago if I went without lip balm for two days I’d be rocking back and forth under a table mashing glue sticks into my face.

So. To answer your question, no.

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