Hello friends! I am an Internets wizard!

You will notice that below each post I have added a slew of obnoxious little social media buttons, so that if you read a post about lip balm addiction that begins with a tale of Adam luring me into our room with chocolate and then attacking me wearing a stocking mask, and think to yourself “Self, it is essential that each and every one of my 746 facebook friends know that I like this post” you can just click on the Facebook icon and INTERNET MAGIC! it will be posted to your timeline and everyone will know your business.

Likewise, if you want to look all granola and crunchy and like you care about mother earth, you can pin my laundry detergent recipe, or my shampoo and conditioner recipe to your “Dirty Hippie” Pinterest board using the Pinterest button.

Clearly I am a little bit excited about this, and also approximately A MILLION proud of myself because adding them there buttons took two days of fiddling around with The HTML, fussing, cussing, adjusting, googling, more fussing, more cussing, crying, drinking, etc.

SO! Enjoy 🙂

P.S. Over the weekend I won a bet with Adam about whether or not an Arnold Palmer has alcohol in it. I won, obviously, and now Adam has to do all of our laundry (including diapers) forever and ever. At the moment this means that I have no diapers, three hampers full of dirty clothes and a surly husband, but I have no doubt he will soon rise to the challenge and do shit tons of laundry LIKE A MAN.

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