Some things I want to but can’t/won’t/might buy

It’s been a while since I did one of these posts, but don’t worry, the lusting has not stopped. Long live champagne taste, and beer budgets!

First, some things for little O:


Adorable little leather baby sandals.Even though babies don’t wear shoes for very long, I’m a fan of getting well-made, comfy  footwear that can be worn by a few kids as hand-me downs, or sold afterwards for another baby to toddle around in. 

The sweet yellow pair above is handmade by Shunami on Etsy, but it would be cool if I could find a secondhand pair, like this


Oh my gosh. Imagine her fat little feet bucked into these? Sweet brown. I die. 

(Unrelated: My mom may or may not have purchased Olive a floral one-piece onesie that is almost identical to my onesie! I can’t wait to dress samesies and embarrass Adam in his hometown.)

Secondly, a Kilim rug. How much do you love this rug? I love it very much and want it to come home with me, please and thank you. 


Can’t you just picture this with a Gus draped over half, and an Olive crawling around the other half? Yesssss.


I love that they are secondhand, because I always have guilt about buying new. And I think the extreme patterns would do a lot to camouflage the assorted drifts of dog hair and baby puke that make up my life right now. 



A cake stand. Why? I don’t know. To stand cakes on, probably? I am definitely going to have one of these puppies for Olive’s first birthday (not that I am already planning her birthday already or anything), and I think cakes just look 100 times cuter on a colourful stand. 


 Alternately, I might get crafty and try and create one myself, out of a secondhand old-lady flowery plate and a candlestick or something.


Shut up. Pinterest tells me I can do it, and if you can’t trust Pinterest… well. 

I am in heaven right now, with all of my siblings minus two (miss you, Liam and Claire!) and yesterday Olive spat up in Lizzie’s hair. It was a LOT of spit up, and kind of, um…chunky? Lizzie started screaming and then I started yelling at her to stop screaming in Olive’s face, and then Olive started grinning and sticking her tongue out, and then Adam and I couldn’t stop laughing, and we tried to wipe it out of her hair but it became clear pretty quick that it was a shower type situation, then Adam started saying things like, “Why are you freaking out? It’s only milk. From your sisters breasts. Breast milk. From your sister. In your hair.”

And then Lizzie started gagging over the toilet and I thought she was going to throw up, too. 


We went for Caribbean food last night and as we ate jerk chicken (/tofu) and drank ginger beer, Olive sat in a high chair and smiled and cooed and ate some of my yam fries and drank water from a glass like a big girl. She is honestly the best dinner date around. 


Today when she gets up from her nap we are headed to a saltwater pool. My family says they want to see her swimming skills, but I’m pretty sure they just want to check out her fat belly in a bathing suit. Fair enough.  

Foods she has tried to date (in order of appearance): Avocado, sweet potato, parsnips, butternut squash, carrots, zucchini, banana, apple. She has liked pretty much everything with the exception of parsnips on the second day (?). Avocado, sweet potato and banana are definitely her favourites so far.

I think we’ll try giving her some meat soon, if I can find some that meets my crazy rigid standards. It is indescribably fabulous to have her sitting at the table with us, and being able to share food with her. 

I only have 10,000 words left in my book. I think I can do it (I don’t think I can do it) (I have to do it, failure is not an option). It’s coming together really well though, and guys, I think it might actually be kind of good.

Fingers crossed. 

P.S. If you haven’t noticed, I futzed around with my HTML like a real Internets Wizard, and added a little Facebook Like button below each post, so you can “Like” it if you ..um..like it. Or whatever. I’m also working on making comments easier to access but it might have to wait until after I collapse in exhaustion on May 2. 

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