Since I see people ask you ridiculous questions like how much do you weigh, I will ask you my ridiculous question. I came upon your website when I was googling the name Madeleine a million times, we are considering using it for a future daughter’s name. I hope you can relate being that you just named a daughter yourself lol. Anyway, do you like your name? Are you glad you are Madeleine and not Madeline, and does everyone always spell or pronounce in wrong? I think it is a great name! Thanx

(Man you guys are questiony lately! I kind of love it.)

Hello! I love my name. I will admit that when I was younger I wasn’t such a fan, it was long and I thought it was old lady-ish and I always went by Maddie. As soon as I was about 14 though I changed my tune and have loved it ever since. 

I like being Madeleine with an extra ‘e’, it makes me feel fancy and French. People pronounce it in a variety of ways, including a university prof who used to call me “Mad-a-leeny”, (correct pronunciation is “Mad-Len”, but I’m not picky if people want to call me “Mad-a-line” or whatever). 

I do have to spell it for people constantly, because they miss the extra ‘e’, but it’s not a big deal and I don’t mind, and I always have people remarking on it being a pretty name (but I mean, what else are they really going to say?). 

In conclusion, I really must insist that you name your daughter Madeleine, she will be pudgy as a baby and sulky as a teen and always love to read 🙂 

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