In your last post you mentioned all the foods O is eating. Are you givining her purées or doing the BLW thing?

For the uninitiated, BLW stands for baby led weaning, which is where you don’t mash or puree foods for baby, you just offer big chunks of food that has been steamed or boiled so that it’s soft enough for the baby to pick up and sort of mash with their gums. 

I haven’t done a ton of research into it, and the gagging sounds she makes when she gets a big hunk of something kind of freaks me out – even though I know there’s a whole “They’re not gagging/gagging is a good thing/blah blah blergh” thing that the BLW’s all say. 

That said, we puree some stuff with an immersion blender, roughly mash others, but have also just offered her full pieces of things like bits of (unseasoned) yam fries, or a banana. I’m not declaring myself on one side or the other, I’m just sort of feeding her whatever I can. I do like the idea of feeding her what we are eating, and have been making all of her food instead of buying it. 

I think variety is good – lots of different foods, textures, ways of eating, etc. 

The two things I have been sticking to are introducing new foods on their own for two days in a row to watch for allergies, and making eating baby-friendly (by using tin bowls/cups, using real cups instead of plastic or sippy cups, etc)

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