oh, canada. where you can’t pick your doctor.

Oh my god this gave me instant rage. I was all, “Ooh someone asked a questi-ARGHHH!”

I have no idea where this misconception comes from, but it comes up EVERY time I lament the shitty American healthcare system (which is often, because seriously- take care of your people!). Anytime the subject comes up, someone invariably retorts, “We’ll at least we get to pick our own doctors!”

Where does this idea come from, this idea that Canadians are somehow arbitrarily assigned a doctor at birth and can’t ever see anyone else ever and if that doctor dies the Canadian government is contractually obligated to immediately kill all of his or her patients, too?

Guys, so not true. I can pick my doctor, I can pick Olive’s doctor, I could even pick Adam’s doctor- if he ever went to one. And once I choose a doctor, I can unchoose her too, if I don’t like her approach, or her philosophy, or hell- even her hair colour. 

I have a kidney condition that would be life-threatening if left untreated. I usually take a lot of prescription medications, and end up in the ER once a year at least. I had a pregnancy with complications, and a medically necessary c-section and a  four-day hospital stay. i had a midwife who took care of me in one hour appointments for my entire pregnancy, and did home visits every second day for weeks after Olive was born to help with breastfeeding, and make sure we were both happy and healthy. 

And I did not, at the end of all of this, receive a bill for thousands of dollars. I am now on a year-long, government supported maternity leave. 

Yes, the system is imperfect. I have sometimes had to wait up to four hours in the ER, small towns don’t always have enough doctors, etc. but seriously, you can not tell me that this isn’t light years beyond the American system.

America, I love you for your balls and your verve and your independence, but there are three things Canada kicks your ass at: Beer, hockey, and healthcare. 

*mic drop*

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