How’s it going with your kidney condition?

Hmm, it’s going. Last time I updated y’all, my nephrologist thought that breastfeeding was mitigating the effects of the Gitelman’s (I’m on my phone so I can’t link to the post explaining it but there’s s link in the “New? Start here” button to your right).

I am still feeling pretty tired and forgetful, but I’m currently taking around 4 pills a day instead of the 25 or so that I needed a few months ago, so all things considered, it’s going well.

And, in a happy coincidence, the town I moved to is in the same jurisdiction of “small towns with no dedicated nephrologist” as our last town was, so I get to keep my fabulous doctor, instead of starting at square one with a new one.

That, in rare disease world, is what they call WINNING.

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