So what is the green/frugal thing to do about shaving? I’m too cheap to spend $20 on replacement razors (what the eff?) and yet not hippy enough to let all my hairs grow free. Do you use coconut oil to dissolve hair or something? :)

What a fantastically timed question! I just finished this section in my book! Let me give it to you for free 🙂

For shaving, first of all don’t buy disposable razors. Horrifically wasteful, and about as effective at hacking at your leg hair with a dull butter knife. The ones where you just replace the head are marginally better in terms of waste and effectiveness, but yeah, what’s with the price? They’re always locked up in pharmacies like they’re diamonds, instead of simple tools for defurring your gams, plus you’re still using (and eventually throwing away) plastic. 

I think the best option is to invest in a double-edged old-timey razor, the one that takes real metal razor blades, like this:


You can find vintage ones on Etsy, or where I found one for Adam last Christmas, at The Copper Hat, based out of Victoria, BC.

The blades cost around $3-$4, are the sharpest I’ve ever seen, and don’t have a bit of plastic on either the razor, blade or the packaging. 

And ugh, I WISH coconut oil dissolved hair. Sadly there’s no hippie magic there. It can come into play if you use it in place of shaving cream – cheaper and no aerosol cans! It works like a hot damn and your legs will be as smooth as Olive’s bottom. Promise.

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