Yesterday Adam and I spent an embarrassing amount of time running  around to three different grocery stores to find the most perfectly ripe organic avocado that money could buy.

We were neurotic first time parents, cast as Goldilocks. The first store had avocados that were too hard. The second store didn’t have organic ones. and I mean, this was a BIG deal, conventionally grown produce would simply not do.

Finally, happily, at the third and final store, in the bin of organic avocados, there was one single solitary perfect avocado. Not too ripe, not too hard, juuuust right.

And why, you might well be asking, why the wild-goose chase for this most perfect specimen?

Ladies and gentlemen, my daughter, little Miss Olive Grace, formerly known as the Demon Baby, she of the gummy smile and mega-sleeps, my daughter ate her very first REAL food yesterday.


It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

And guys, I think she liked it.

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