Do you speak French? I don’t think you’re from that part of Canada… Will Olive learn another language?

I’m not from Quebec, but I grew up next door in Ontario and when I was growing up we all learned French in Elementary school, then I continued taking it until grade 11.

I’m pretty sure every kid in Canada knows “cereal box” French, so-called because everything in Canada has to be printed in both official languages and many sleepy mornings were spent reading the back of the cereal box and trying to figure out what it said.

Despite my many, many (many) years of French class, I’ve retained very little of it. I can understand far more than I can speak,  but am self-conscious about my accent and have no idea how to conjugate French verbs anymore. 

I hope Olive will learn a second language – my two baby sisters, Hilary and Mawney, are both fluent in Spanish and “Tia Hilary” has vowed to speak only Spanish to Olive so that she can learn. If there is still a second language offered at her school I’ll definitely take advantage of that.  

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