Did I read that last post correctly? You are potty training?

Yes. But not potty training as in we’re expecting her to be out of diapers by 1 or anything. But I read an interesting book called “Diaper Free Before 3” that gave a little history of potty training, and it used to happen way earlier than it does now. 
So much so that Dr. Sear’s 1946 parenting book recommended delaying potty training until 6 months. So the current idea that kids aren’t ready to be out of diapers before 3 is a relatively new one, likely helped along by disposable diapers.

Ha! Look at me acting like I know what I’m talking about! Let me assure you, I don’t. And if you are a seasoned parent who is sitting there sipping your bourbon and laughing mightily at my hubris, please save a sip for me because I may need it if I am ever allowed to drink again.

We bought a potty (a fancy hippie-dippie one that we can plant in the garden to biodegrade when we’re done…oh LA) and when Olive is 6 months or so we’re just going to sign “Potty”, and sit her on it for a little while after she wakes up, and maybe a few times throughout the day if we can get a sense of her poop-schedule once she eats solids. 

There will be no pressure, and no squealing and clapping if she pees/poops in the potty, it’s just sort of a routine introduction to what will hopefully be a routine part of her life. The idea is that she gets used to the idea of the potty being where she does her business, and might even start to recognize when she needs to go, and sign to us, at which point we will act like crazy people and run like mad. 

So. No expectations, no promises, no pressure on little O, just a hippie-dippie potty and two crazy parents. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂 

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