What do you think of the paleo diet? Grains/Legumes/Dairy consumption in general? I know you are veg, interested in your perspective! (ps- hey! this is the commenter formerly known as valerah, just on my new tumblr!)

Hmm. People used to fight about religion, but I think that if you wanted to stir up controversy these days you could just ask what people eat, and why.

I think that ones diet is a really personal thing, and I strongly believe that what works for one person, might not work for another. 

I agree with a lot of the Paleo diet, and I have seen many positive effects on my immediate family who have chosen to eat this way. I agree with cutting down/eliminating processed foods, many grain products, and sugar – I don’t know anyone who would argue that eating lots of bread and sugar results in a balanced diet. 

I don’t drink milk, but I love cheese and yogurt too much to every give them up, although for the last year ago I have eaten almost exclusively goat cheese (feta, cheddar, etc.). I obviously can’t get 100% behind the meat-based part of the paleo thing, because I don’t personally agree with it, and it would also be impossible for the world to support a population who eats like this (environmentally speaking). 

So…I guess I’m neutral about it. I think it’s fantastic for those who find it works for them, I respect it and anyone who chooses to take proactive steps towards eating better (whatever that might look like), but I wouldn’t call myself Paleo, and probably won’t be eating red meat any time soon.

(P.S. Hi Valerah!)

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