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I think I am turning into a total crazy person. I keep trying to find a rhythm to Olive’s sleep – a pattern or predictable timetable or routine that I can count on.

The result is that I have turned into some sort of sleep-schedule obsessed savant, all but covering our walls with newspaper clippings and bits of twine, circling random letters and numbers with red pen. Every few days I will announce, “I think I’ve figured it out!” and then she’ll switch it up and prove me wrong again!

These were her bedtimes this week: 6:30pm, 11:00pm, 8:00pm, 10:00pm. Yeah. So that’s going well, obviously. 

She’s getting so good at controlling her hands, and this is endlessly exciting for her, and for us. Last night I was rocking her to sleep and holding her upright against my chest when she leaned back to look at my face. She held my gaze for a few minutes and then raised one pudgy hand to gently pat the side of my face, and then softly cup my cheek. 

Oh, I died. I’ve never felt anything so sweet.


Adam and I have started preliminary negotiations on the topic of what car to get to replace our Mazda 3 that died a sudden and horrifically ill-timed death, five days before we moved.  This whole situation is heartbreaking ironic, because we debated selling the car before Olive was born. I would like to record here and for all eternity that I was FOR selling the car in favour of something more family-friendly. 

Tha main reason we didn’t sell, was because we couldn’t agree on what to replace it with. And Adam made the legitimate point that since our car was paid off, we might as well drive it until it died. 

Well, we certainly did that. 

And now here we are, back to square one and having to actually agree on a major life decision and oh god, it’s never going to happen, is it? Adam’s vote is for a pickup truck. Obviously. 

Mine is for a station wagon. Clearly.

Any time we discuss this our brother-in-law sits there and mutters “Minivan. Minivan. Mini. Van.” under his breath, and I have no doubt that we will eventually end up with a minivan, and with all due respect to the man who currently owns two minivans, I just can’t do it yet.

So, does anyone know of some sort of pickup truck, station wagon hybrid that I haven’t heard of yet?


Book writing is going…interestingly. And by that I mean that I sit in front of this computer every day and laugh hysterical panicked sobs until I can’t breathe anymore and then I pass out with my head mashed into the keyboard and when I wake up I see if said face-keyboard mashing has resulted in anything brilliant, and if it hasn’t I start panicking and the process repeats itself. 

So yeah, things are good. 

Because I am crazy, we are starting potty training next month. I can’t go into all of the stuff involved with this endeavor, all that you need to know is that I bought a potty that you can plant in your garden to biodegrade when we’re done.

Also next month? Food. FOOD! For Olive! My baby! This girl is so ready, she watches us with the intent focus of a hawk whenever we eat, and tries to steal everything we have on our plates. I’m thinking of starting with avocado. 

I am also thinking of doing a blog survey in the next few days. Is that interesting? Obnoxious? The sociologist in my wants to find out who you all are and where you came from and why, exactly you are reading this drivel. And also, what drivel would you like to see more of? So just try and keep your pants on while you wait for that, mmkay?

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