I felt almost like some kind of irrelevant superstar when you mentioned you were in Victoria. Do you like it there? er… here? Because I live here! er… there. In Victoria.

I adore Victoria. It is the perfect size of city for me, small enough that you can walk most places within the downtown area and don’t get rage when you do drive and need to find a parking spot, big enough that there’s enough cultural events, art galleries, street festivals etc. to keep you entertained. 

My favorite dog walk is in Victoria, it’s about 2 hours round trip and starts at my mom’s place in Fisherman’s Wharf and winds all along the seawall,  ending up at a huge off-leash dog park. I call it “Dog Heaven” and I think Gus would totally agree.

When we moved, the decision was between Victoria or the Sunshine Coast, because both offered lots of family time which is what we were really missing after Olive was born.  If we had millions of dollars and could afford to own a 3 bedroom house in Victoria, the size of the city probably would have swayed our decision that way. 

Say hi for me, you irrelevant superstar! 🙂

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