Sigh. I have an appointment tomorrow for what I highly suspect is our first bout of thrush. Any tips or tricks? I have dealt with yeast imbalances in the past and know my diet can make or break my ability to keep it at bay. Did you change your diet in addition to antifungal medication? Thanks !!

Oh lord help you. I was about to write “I don’t envy you” but I CAN’T envy you, it’s impossible to envy you because Olive too, has thrush. Again. AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN this is our fourth bout.

Jesus H. Christ.


From what I’ve read, the jury is out about whether or not diet has anything to do with oral thrush in infants. The first time we went through this I read that following the Candida diet (nothing sweet or fermented) would help and so I did.

Then the doctor I saw said it didn’t matter, and so the second time we went through it I didn’t follow any special diet.

I can’t say I noticed a difference either way except that the first time around I was more ragey because while you are trying to cure your yeast overgrowth by not having sugar, it’s also interesting (read: INFURIATINGLY IRONIC) to note that yeast overgrowth causes you to crave sugar like a crazy person. Ha! Oh gosh isn’t nature funny?

My usual routine is this: One oral antifungal for me, prescription nystatin three times a day for her. Take away any pacifiers or toys that go into babies mouth, and wash in hot water with Grapefruit Seed Extract. Lock yourself in the bathroom and cry. Apply a rinse of 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar to 3 Tbsp water to your nipples after breastfeeding and let air dry.

Curse the bastard god(s) that let this happen (AGAIN). Keep applying nystatin to babies mouth for a week after symptoms disappear. Pray like the dickens that it never, ever comes back.

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