I just want you to know how much your tumblr helped me when I found out I had placenta previa. I’m going on to 36 weeks now and I’m so glad I’ve made it this far without bleeding but every time I wake up from sleep I’m so afraid that I’ll wake up covered in blood. You didn’t experience any bleeding did you? Your family is beautiful and I love your writing! I bought two of the books that you recommended :)

Oh I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this, but also so glad that you have been able to find some comfort here. 36 weeks! You’re so close!

I was incredibly fortunate in that I never experienced any bleeding, and Olive was born happy and healthy, despite my disobedient placenta. I was worried like you are, about bleeding and also about my baby being born early. But Olive is no worse for wear for having emerged on the scene a bit sooner than planned. If you are nervous about your c-section I wrote about mine here, and honestly it was fine. It was approximately 125 523 times less horrible than I imagined it would be, and I’m sure yours will be too.

I would encourage you to start taking some sort of probiotic now, and continue for a month or so after your baby is born, because we ended up getting thrush a few times, which is quite common in c-section babies becaue of the antibiotics used during surgery. Thrush is a bitch and I’d advise doing anything you can do to avoid it, so probiotics, make sure you change breast pads often (if you’re planning on breastfeeding) etc.

I’m crossing my fingers that you make it to the end of your pregnancy with no bleeding, and I’m so excited for you to meet your baby. I highly recommend making a crazy-hippie-lady vision board, too 😉

Good luck!

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