Guys, are we the same person? Your funny book recommendations looked like you’d been snooping through my bookshelves! But I know that’s not the case because I currently have no bookshelves, my bookshelves are sitting in pieces in the back of Adam’s truck, along with my 18 boxes of books, which is also why I couldn’t take your advice and dig out my collection of every single thing David Sedaris has ever written, or re-read “How to Be A Woman” in all of it’s incredible glory. 

The library didn’t have any other Caitlin Moran books, and I checked out the Mindy Kaling book last week, and I have pretty much memorized Bossypants and cried many tears over the fact that I will never, ever be as witty as Tina Fey. 

So. What was I left with? A library, a cranky baby and whatever books I could pull off of eye-level shelves in five minutes. 

I ended up with a little Denis Leary, some Nora Ephron,  Will Ferguson, and a Canadian Humour Anthology (eh?).  I also threw some Augusten Burroughs into the mix, as well as a compilation of essays about motherhood that is definitely not meant  funny but looked good nonetheless. 

Now I just have to find time to actually read said books. Ha!

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