Adam’s headed out of town until Tuesday to wrap up some business stuff and do a little house-hunting. 

That leaves Olive, Gus and I holding down the fort until he gets back. I don’t think I’ve done this baby thing all by myself for more than a day or so, it could get interesting. We have a few things on the menu, lots of walks outside because it’s supposed to be nice and sunny, a few coffee dates with friends, of course baby yoga on Monday and then, the thing I’ve been dreading for two straight months….Olive’s second round of shots. 

I know vaccinations are a touchy subject, and obviously I am pro-vaccination (and if not pro-vaccination, than at least not anti-vaccination) but I really am just considering skipping this appointment and running for the hills. I don’t think I can do it, especially not alone. Hearing that cry, that scream of pain and shock and having her look at me like “You KNEW about this?!” and then having it happen two more times, I just…oh god. I’m not cut out for this.

I know that she’s going to cry, and I’m going to cry, and I have loaded up on movies and ice cream (for me) and baby tylenol (for her) and am planning to just camp out on the couch for lots of nursing and snuggling until Adam comes home. Hopefully bringing me some sort of present for being so very awesome. 

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