No! Sleep! ‘Til Brooklyn!


       This is what happens when Papa gets involved with our photoshoots

Olive wanted to celebrate her four month birthday by staying up waaay past her bedtime, and because I;m a cool mom I was all “Yeah! Let’s do it!”


So stay up we did. We partied and laughed and giggled and cooed and stared at each other with alarmingly wide-awake eyes (hers) and alarmingly droopy ones (mine).

She was such a happy little thing that it was kind of funny, this three hour bedtime process of me being like, “Okay, you’ve got to be tired now! Let’s go to bed.” and I would try to nurse her to sleep and she kept popping her head up and smiling at me, or looking around, and giving me this face like, “Yeah Mama, this is cool and everything but I need to get back to the PARTAY!”

When I finally got her to sleep around 12:45 am (I KNOW!), Adam and I collapsed into bed – totally wiped from all the cuteness. And then we heard it. A mere three hours later, we heard the telltale signs of life from her crib. Kicking and cooing and talking to her bird mobile. Sweet lord, child!

So last night was fun. And I ended up bringing her into bed with us because I couldn’t take her to the spare room because whoops! there is no spare room!

And in the morning Adam and I stared at each other over the wriggly body of that little four month old, having gotten little to no sleep, and Adam said “I don’t like the way this is going”.

Nuh uh. Not at all. What used to be a 10pm-8am sleep routine went to 11pm-7:30 am, and then 11:30-7:00, and then last night’s ridiculous debacle. I don’t like the way this is going either!

It may have been because she wasn’t swaddled. I figured, dude, you are four months old! You don’t need to be swaddled! I’m terrible at it, hate doing it, but it’s obvious that she needs it, so swaddle we shall. 

The upside to all of this awakeness is that she (and we) slept in until 11:00 this morning. But I’m really not a fan of Olive having the same schedule I did in university, not. good. 

So today we’ll try to get things back on track. And today I’ll make phone calls and write and start doing our taxes (because the RRSP deadline is approaching y;all! Are you excited? I’m EXCITED!) and maybe we’ll go down to the city to buy mama a new pair of boots. 


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