Hello Internets. I am feeling a little overwhelmed. 

I can see why people don’t like change. I can see why someone might never choose to do anything other than what they are currently doing, simply because it doesn’t involve packing all of your belongings into boxes and driving away to a big unknown.

Or sitting in front of a keyboard every day with the desperate need to fill the page with words- funny words no less- and coming up empty.

Or imagining people reading your book and thinking it’s horrible. Or wrong. Or unfunny. Or worst of all, boring. 

Or realizing that along with a move, you will have to make friends again. And that involves leaving the house, and small talk, and joining things, and just….ugh. 

Or remembering that on top of everything, tax season approacheth. (of course it does!)

I posted something about moving on my Facebook (stupid Facebook), and someone commented “Wow. I’d totally be freaking out if I was moving and had no house and no job” and I was like, huh. Yeah. 



I know it will work out, and wheels are in motion and shit’s getting done it’s just not done yet, it’s just, yeah. I feel panicky. My stomach is churning. 

So I thought I would come here and tell you that. That I’m overwhelmed, and I’m just going to try and take it box by box, and word by word, and break for baby feedings and changings and play time in between. But it might be a little quiet around here for awhile because of all of the aforementioned boxing and writing and baby-taking-care-of(ing).

Or maybe it wont! Never underestimate my superior procrastination skills.

At some point, it will all be done. I just need to do what it takes to get to that point. 


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