For the last three days, Olive has decided that naps longer than 30 minutes are for suckas. 

So this is what my routine now looks like:

8:00 am: Olive wakes up

8:00-8:20: feed Olive

8:20-9:15: Change diaper, read books, play etc.

9:15-9:25: Change, swaddle, start getting her down for her nap

9:35: Olive asleep

10:05 ON THE DOT: Olive wakes up

10:05-10:20: feed Olive

10:20-11:15: Change diaper, read books, play, etc.

11:15-11:25: Change, swaddle, start getting her down for her nap

11:35: Olive asleep

12:05 ON THE DOT: Olive wakes up.

rinse. repeat.




Somewhere in there I get dressed, mash some food into my face, have my daily coffee/no coffee internal battle (today no coffee won), toss some laundry in, and sit in front of the computer trying to pull some coherent words out of my mushy brain and hammer them out into some semblance of sentences. 

My day is divided into one and a half hour increments and I am just groundhog day-ing it over here. Apparently this shitstorm turn of events is some sort of 4 month sleep regression…seriously, this is  real thing. PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THIS, and no one told me.

Apparently around 4 months, babies decide that sleep – especially daylight sleep, please to god don’t let this affect night sleep, it’s all I’ve got!- is bullshit, and naps are bullshit, they’d rather scream instead. And they’re screaming because they’re tired, oh god so tired, with drooping eyelids and exhausted voices and limp bodies but they just won’t go to sleep. And when they do it’s only for thirty minutes. THIRTY MINUTES! Do you know what you can do in thirty minutes? Sneak out of a darkened bedroom, wipe puke off of yourself, let the dog out who’s been whining for fifteen minutes, pee, stare disbelievingly at your haggard reflection in the mirror and then WHOOPS! She’s awaaaaakke.

 So I’m just going to wait this one out. Doing what we’ve always done and hoping for the best. But y’all, I really miss my rockstar baby, I miss her one hour morning naps. I miss her three hour afternoon naps. I miss her not screaming. 

(Also: there is a pile of boxes in my living room, and last night Adam told me that he wanted to just pack everything up right now, except for one cup, bowl, plate etc for each of us. Even though we’re not planning on moving till March. Even though we don’t yet have a place to move to.

And he was serious.

He wants to pack everything up, STARTING WITH THE KITCHEN, and just live in a house filled with boxes of all the stuff we can’t use BECAUSE IT’S IN BOXES, for a month. 

This is his plan. 

And I know I complain a lot about Adam not planning, but my god if THIS is how he plans, I am just going to shut my mouth and never complain again ever.)

Oh god, I have to go, She wakes. SHE WAKES. 

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