Adam’s Health Kick Part II

Adam: Come see all of the vitamins I just took!
I join him in the kitchen as he stands proudly in front of my bin o’ pills (don’t act like you don’t have one)
Adam: (pointing) Ok I took one of these, one of these, two of these and one of these.
Me: Um. Ok. Well, those are my prenatal vitamins, those are magnesium, those are vitamin D, and those my friend, the ones you took 2 of at 11:34pm? Those are caffeine pills.
Adam: What? No! (He grabs the bottle) But they say-
Me: -energy. Extra energy.
Adam: But there’s leaves on the bottle! I thought it was natural.
Me: Me too, that’s why I accidentally bought them only to discover, BOOM! Caffeine.
Adam: Oh no!
Me: (starting to laugh uncontrollably) Oh man, you’re going to have fun tonight!
Adam: Should I throw up? Should I make myself throw them up? Madeleine? Should I-
Me: (still laughing as I leave the room)

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