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Also curious if you pump a lot? I’m feeling insecure about my measly 6 oz freezer stash but also hate pumping…
No I rarely do. Despite Adam’s demands, I too only have around 6 oz frozen. But this is mostly because until recently we were battling thrush, and you can’t freeze milk while dealing with thrush because then the thrush demon will come back again the second you thaw that milk and feed it to your baby and we are NEVER dealing with thrush again it’s horrible and I hate it the end.
So. Now that the Infection That Shall Not Be Named is cured (please knock on any and all wood things for me) I might get better about pumping and hoarding breastmilk. I don’t mind pumping though, in his quest for milk Adam found a sweet Medela pump secondhand (not gross, you can sterilize everything) and it only takes me about 5 minutes.

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