On the weekend I bought a book for $2, entitled “I’d Trade My Husband For A Housekeeper”. I’m pretty disappointed because I thought I was getting some sort of how-to manual that would teach me the proper way to barter my spouse for a domestic servant.

I had already figured that I’d get fantastic trade-in value for Adam because he’s tall, and cute, and can grow a beard in two minutes flat. I was getting all excited thinking that once they saw all of his tools and mechanical know-how,PLUS the fact that he swaddles a baby better than anyone I know, he’d probably be worth TWO normal husbands.

Maybe, in the husband-bartering world he would be worth a housekeeper AND a butler, too! I don’t even know what a butler does, but now that I think about it, that’s what my life has been missing all these years.

Then in the midst of all of this butler-lust, I finally get around to reading the damn thing and I find out that it’s not a how-to book at all, it’s some sort of a self-help book about improving your marriage after having a baby!

UGH. Who needs THAT?

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