Remember this guy? Someone emailed me the other day to ask if we still had him…ooof.

Yes we still have Gus, of course we still have Gus! We will have Gus until Gus doesn’t exist anymore, he’s a part of this family- albeit a messy, drooling, hairy, slow sort of part.

And here’s a story about the big guy since we haven’t had one in a while.

Gus is very top heavy with a deep chest and big head, and mastiffs aren’t the most agile of dogs, so where most dogs could have just settled in the roomy back of our borrowed SUV just fine, Gus’s weak back legs and high centre of gravity meant that he was lurching around the Entire. Car. Ride.

Five hours folks! Every so often Adam or I would say, “Gustus! Just LIE DOWN” and he would shakily lower himself to the floor, only to pop back up and resume his drunken wobbling once more.

At one point we had to pull over and rearrange the backseat to prevent Olive from being drooled on as he hung his head over her seat back. When we put him back into the car, this happened.

He somehow managed to wedge himself inside of the seat belt, it was hilarious to see, yet also remarkably effective at keeping him steady.

Good job, Gus. Maybe you’re not so slow after all.

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