Conversations overheard in my house

Me: OK, someone in town is selling a Bugaboo Frog, do you think I should buy it?
Adam: Yes. Do it.
Me: Hm. It’s 6 years old and they want $400 for it, doesn’t that seem a bit ridiculous?
Adam: Offer them $300 and see if they take it.
Me: But do we even want this one?
Adam: Yes.
Me: But you have to take the seat off to fold it. I mean…is that important? How important is that?
Adam: (silence)
*Twenty minutes pass*
Me: OK I emailed you a Craigslist ad. I think we should get it.
Adam: Wait, this isn’t the one you showed me earlier.
Me: No, this is a Baby Jogger City Select. It already comes with an extra seat so you can turn it into a double stroller!
Adam: But we only have one child, Why do we need a double stroller?
Me: For the next baby! We’ll have two, so we need space for Olive and her little brother or sister.
Adam: (raised eyebrows)
Me: (Penetrating stare)
Adam: Right. Awesome. Buy it.
Me: …Hmm…
Adam: What?
Me: I just…I like the idea of a bassinet. It doesn’t come with one, you have to buy it separately.
Adam: Ok.
Me: But I mean would I even use it? Wouldn’t I just clip the carseat onto it instead?
Adam: (silence)
*later that night*
Me: Cheese and rice! The City Select is already sold! I knew I should have just bought it.
Adam: That’s what I said.
Me: Maybe I should just go with my first choice, the UppaBaby Vista.
Adam: (silence)
Me: But no ones really selling those.
Adam: (silence)
Me: And I wonder how they’d do on trails. Probably not great.
Adam: Just buy the bug… the toad stroller one.
Me: The Bugaboo Frog?
Adam: Yes.
Me: Yeah…but taking off the seat every time you have to fold it? Really? That’s not going to annoy you?
Adam: (leaves the room mumbling under his breath) Yes… THAT’S what will annoy me.
Me: (calling after him) Maybe those moms were right and we should just get a jogging stroller. How do you feel about jogging strollers? Adam? Adam?

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