You see me strollin’…you hatin’…

Ok. Strollers.

We don’t have one yet. This was on purpose because we thought that we wouldn’t need one right away, and we were pretty bang on. For at least a month and a half after my c-section I was unable to walk for more than five minutes at a time, and even that left me popping advils afterwards. Our Ergo carrier has been great and we still love it and use it all the time (though I’m looking forward to not having to use the fiddly little infant insert anymore once Olive is big enough to go with out it – at around 4 months I think).

But now we’re getting to the point where I’m walking lots, and I like getting out of the house, and I’d like to be able to make the walk downtown to meet Adam for lunch some days. It takes an hour or so to get there, so I’d be gone three hours total which means I’m bringing my diaper bag, and I always feel guilty if I walk without Gus, so now I’m looking at carrying a baby, a giant diaper bag and manhandling my beast of a dog too. Stroller time!

My issue is that I live in somewhat of a rural area. Rural might now be the right word – we’re not talking cows and chickens, but some areas don’t have sidewalks. I walk on a lot of gravel roads. It’s no concrete jungle, that’s for sure.


Mountain Buggy

I polled local moms and their votes all seemed to be for the Mountain Buggy or BOB, both jogging strollers. I’m not a huge fan of the look of jogging strollers, and love the idea of something you can clip a carseat or bassinet to.

For purely aesthetic reasons I prefer the bugaboo or the UppaBaby Vista (I’ll be buying secondhand, as usual, so you can quit giving me the side eye about these ridiculously expensive pieces of engineering.) But I’m not sure if these are impractical for occasional trail use.

Bugaboo Cameleon (No I have no idea why every stroller has such a ridiculous name, either)

This is going against cardinal rule #1 of the internets (“Thou shalt not ask advice of anonymous strangers”), but here goes: What stroller should I get? Go ahead. Lay your wisdom on me. Please?

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