Olive is an amazing sleeper!! My guy is usually sleeping for 4 hours then feeding then 3 hours..hope you don’t mind if I ask if you pump during those long stretches of sleep?My lactation consultant basically told me don’t go more than 5hrs without feeding or pumping or bad things will happen Just wondering how other mamas deal with that or work towards longer stretches and if I will ever sleep more than 4 hours again or if that is a crack dream I should let go of now! Ps love the origami mobile!

Hmm, I hadn’t ever been told the feeding/pumping limit but it totally makes sense. When she sleeps anywhere between 6-9 hrs I am always awake before her, anxiously hovering over her crib looking like Pamela Anderson.

And actually the only stretch marks I ended up with through this whole thing are some small ones on my boobs from being engorged. (Hi, Liam!)

Sometimes if it looks like she’ll be sleeping for a whileI I’ll pump one side and then a little bit on the other just to relieve some of the pressure.

(Also, in the interim between this uneven pumping and Olive feeding, it’s fun to have your right and left sides differ by two cup sizes like a before and after boob job picture)

4 hours at a time is awesome for your little guy! That’s what Olive did too, 4+2/3 usually. You’ll be sleeping through the night in no time! (But then you give up your “I’m a sleep-deprived new mom!” card, so choose wisely who you tell.)

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