Planning Ahead

On a scale of 1 to VERY, how creepy is it that I am buying certain things in multiples of 4 to cover any future children we might have?

I mean, is this on par with a single lady having a chock-full wedding board on Pinterest (thank god for secret boards,amirite ladies?) Or is this simply GOOD PLANNING?

I bought Olive an adorable Baby Book the other day – it’s perfect and simple and most importantly, not twee and pastel, there’s nary a baby duck to be seen. I’m not overjoyed with the owls (what is WITH baby stuff and owls this year?) but whatever.

After I bought one for Olive I began thinking how cute it would be to have matching baby books for all of our children, but I don’t know how many children we’re having and what if by the time the last one emerges from my person, this perfect baby book is out of print? Or what if owls are passe? Or there are no more baby books anywhere ever? WHAT THEN?

Well in that case I will be prepared because I went on Amazon just now and ordered three more.

Not creepy at all, ADAM.

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